You're Brave To Wear That

The thing about Los Angeles is, it can be 80 degrees in the day but at night, you’ll still be wishing you had a sweater, jacket or wrap. The reason for this I’ve always thought was, since we’re essentially in the dessert, there exists so little moisture that the heat from the day doesn’t stay around like it would in a more humid climate - for example, the Midwest. However, I also noticed that in Austin last week, the nights were also very hot even though the air seemed dry - so there goes that argument. The type of dry in Texas, though, seems to be of a “Savannah” kind, if that explains anything whatsoever. Either way, the large difference between the high and low of the day in L.A. always takes visitors by surprise. Almost always expect a “chilly” night in the 60s, even on more than half our summer days. As for me. I have a hooded, camel-colored shawl that I sometimes keep in the Mini. It’s acrylic. It’s got a loose diamond weave. And my girlfriends have made fun of me for wearing this - my “grandma’s shawl” - before. I got it on sale a few months back. But that’s not the only reason I bought it. I actually really like it. I don’t think I’m usually too far off when it comes to clothes or accessories; but there have been instances where I’ve had cause to question my own judgment. Like the time when, two nights in a row, I was told by two different guys, “You’re brave to wear that.” What? I’m “brave” to wear this shawl? What gives? I mean, you can insult me - I can handle it. All I ask, though, is that you just give it to me straight. No need to make it veiled or underhanded. What would make me so “brave” so as to wear this thing that I’ve paid with my own good money? That’s like saying, “Wow, you’re so brave to be seen out in public with that third eye on your forehead.” I was thinking that maybe what they meant was that the shawl isn’t exactly “L.A.” enough. As in, you only really wear that heavy sweater material stuff in cold climates. Not L.A. (Like how you have a really nice coat if you live in New York. Our version of that would be perhaps 3 different colors of Members Only jackets - I kid.) They could really be saying, “You’re really brave to think bringing your grandma’s Midwest fashion sense is gonna work.” What’s strange is that both conversations that ensued actually evolved the same way. They both repeated, “You’re wearing a shawl!” But then it turned complimentary -ร‚ย both times. “It’s so high fashion,” they’d explain. High fashion? Okay, are you really mocking me now? I’m just gonna stop thinking about it.