W00t Makes The Dictionary

If you haven’t heard already, “w00t” made the dictionary. Granted, it’s not Black’s Law Dictionary but Merriam-Webster, making it consistent with syntax frequented by us mere commoners. Additionally, it’s the Merriam-Webster online spawn of what they call the “2007 Word of the Year” in which voting takes place online. Here’s a newsflash: Gamers spend a tad more time online than a sample of the general public so the voting results may be a little skewed towards l33t talk. Far be it for me to pretend I’m a hip-to-l33t blogger (or 100% original in anything I adopt), but I’ve been using “w00t” in proper interjectory word placement for at least a couple years now. The confusion I experienced was when it actually got penned into said Merriam-Webster history. Despite my regular usage, I did not know that w00t is an acronym for “We Owned pwned the Other Team.” Where did this come from? How in the world did I properly adopt this exclamation as an expression of my online glee without even being so much a gamer? The last time I could even remotely be classified as such was when my videocard was a hand-me-down Voodoo 2, which I used to play CS-skinned Half-life. I wasn’t even a geek-imposter back then; now I’m just a wannabe has-been. Could this possibly be a result of geekery verbatim becoming cool? I’m unsettled. Though, they give an appropriate nod to the general public here:

For technophobes, the word also is familiar from the 1990 movie “Pretty Woman,” in which Julia Roberts startles her date’s upper-crust friends with a hearty “Woot, woot, woot!” at a polo match.

At closer examination, the way in which I’ve been saying “w00t” is not correct at all. Bastards, when you will you learn that I am the only team? There is no “other.” Next up: The definition of “heart” to include verb word form. I heart the pwnage of yu0r mom. P.S. - Is it telling that “facebook” as a verb was a runner-up? If a verb, wouldn’t it be “to facebook” or “Facebook,” categorized as a proper noun? Ride that wave a little more aggressively, thanks. Ugh.