Veggie Grill: Delicious and Healthful on the Cheap

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I have to admit. The world of ”veggie people” food is a pretty unfamiliar study to me. Though the omni- in my omnivorous eating habit hasn’t had incentive to explore that direction, it hasn’t affected my respect for the dedication to sustainability and conservation.

First of all, it’s the dairy thing. Contrary to my inclination-toward-lactard heritage yet consistent with my having spent halves of my life in each of the two Cheese States, I am a cheese person. I love la crème. Second of all, I can barely groom myself on a regular basis - how could I possibly have the discipline to eat with such restrictions? Irresponsible, though my only criteria be “delicious.” (I did have the hardest time turning down shark fin soup the last time I attended a traditional Chinese banquet-style wedding but thought it the conscionable move to do so.)

Enter Veggie Grill - which I was invited to check out and since it’s accessible from my workplace, decided to experience a workday lunch there. I had only heard good things about its expansion into Los Angeles (the first stores are located in Irvine, the third in El Segundo) and when I saw the menu, I could see why. Right off the bat, I noticed nothing on their 100% plant-based menu is priced over $10. For a vegetarian focus, I’m usually hard-pressed to find one menu item that’s under $10. At this price point, it’s worth it to keep an open mind.

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And well, the food is delicious! My Baja Fiesta salad had mangos, roasted corn salsa, carrots and a delicious ginger-papaya dressing that ended up having just the right amount of kick in it. It was also tossed with quinoa for all the quinoa fans out there! So good, and so good for you. I tasted the chili, which tasted so close to the real thing (the look, not so much) and I loved that it was spicy. The corn chowder was so delicious I ended up getting the half-sandwich, full soup combination with the Baja Fiesta.

The Papa’s Portobello sandwich was divine. An entire slice of mushroom covered the bottom of the burger and it was then when I discovered that at Veggie Grill, the secret’s in the sauces. They do a great job of keeping things interesting through their all-natural sauces - the garlic pomodoro sauce being the one in this particular sandwich. You’ll also be surprised to find that a lot of the sauces have kick, including atop their kale sides and salads. I haven’t eaten a lot of kale at all, but I really appreciated how fresh these portions were and having been heralded its health benefits before, I’m definitely paying more attention.

[caption id=“” align=“alignleft” width=“240” caption=“Grilled Veggie Burger”]Grilled Veggie Burger[/caption] Their sweet potato fries are a must-have. They’re baked, then flash-fried to finish. A great texture to go along with the fresh taste. And do not discount their desserts. Their carrot cake is not only moist and freshly-made, the frosting is also perfect - you’ll wonder where that cream cheese went. Same with the chocolate pudding, which isn’t exactly rich but you can certainly taste the chocolate in there.

While I’ve yet to try, I’m curious as to their “chickin’” and “veggie steak” for my next visit. If you’ve tried Veggie Grill - don’t be shy! Leave some thoughts below as to your favorites (and non-) in the comments. I can get used to stopping on even this strip of Sunset Blvd for “healthful grub” such as this. I’m destined for a tasty mean, 100% plant-based or not!

You can also peep the entire Veggie Grill Menu.

Veggie Grill at Sunset Laemmle Plaza (newest location) 8000 W. Sunset Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90046 323.822.7575 Open 11 AM - 11 PM

720 Allied Way El Segundo, CA 90245 310.535.0025

Irvine Campus Center 4213 Campus Dr Irvine, CA 92612 949.509.0003

Irvine Spectrum 81 Fortune Drive Irvine, CA 92618 949.727.9900