Today: Cut And Dye

Time to do it. It’s time to cut my hair. I’ve been making the declaration for about a week now - after I finally bit the bullet and made the appointment at the spa. It’s been a serious year and a half growing it out. Prior to that was 4 straight years of short, spunky hair. It was fun. What with a cut every 8 weeks to prevent it from looking too bushy and grown out plus the daily product to keep it from looking like bedhead - it put a serious dent in my wallet. The decision to conduct the study in fiscal conservatism, while still achieving a new look, was easy. In some ways, dealing with the new “look” achieved by simply growing one’s hair out was to just put it back up again in a sort of bun or knot. Of course, it always fell out precisely 27 minutes later because my hair is thick and I have a ton of it. The comments went from “cool” and “edgy” to “earthy” and “you, with the Pocahontas hair.” Really going for that earthy, long-haired look is not as easy as it looks. I mean, sure, the preparation in the morning is simple - you just brush it out - but throughout the course of the day I found myself annoyed that I was getting it in my face, in my mouth and even my sight. When I sat down in a chair with a back, I realized I couldn’t lean back onto my hair before attempting to do a simple task, like turn my head. And then when it wasn’t stuck between my back and a chair or wall, it was stuck in my armpits. Seriously. Come on now. Sure, yeah, I was supposed to look more feminine. I guess. You see, I just don’t want to be mistaken for one of those types who use it as a crutch. The reality is, you can cling to guns, religion or your femininity. Or the tons of stuff you have. But as far as clinging to your femininity instead of owning it as an attribute through which you create your true expression is, to me, the difference between the creation of art and the boasting of mere biology. My friend Tim, for years, has described that biology-boasting as the way of the hoochie. I guess you could say that the artist in me right now is screaming for shorter hair. Anyway, I’m going to stop waxing political on hair about now. The truth of the matter is, it’s Spa Week right now, so while I’ve been flirting with the idea of getting my locks chopped - I happened to notice a participating spa as the one my stylist had moved to. That is, my favorite, awesome stylist who had been cutting my hair regularly before I decided to grow it out. And if you don’t know already, Spa Week is the week of $50 specials at participating spas. Each spa picks 3 or 4 services to offer at this special price. So I will be getting a cut and highlight job at a pretty special rate. I really didn’t need any more reasons to make the appointment. I don’t think I’ll go above the shoulders, this time. I’m not keen on mere length; I just want shape. And color. So I will be flirting with some subtle, non-natural hues as highlights. I have had blue and green, before, but I will want some professional input before going forward with it. I can’t wait! P.S. - Don’t forget to check the Spa Week specials in your area!!