To Vegas For Obama

I’ve never been one to discuss politics on this blog but I thought this warranted a post since I am actually looking to back my words up with action this election, this weekend. I’m heading to Vegas! The Obama Campaign has promoted its grassroot efforts in its contention for Nevada, which for both Bush elections has gone Republican. The last time it went Democratic was to elect Bill Clinton. It looks like the strategy of recruiting Californians to “Drive For Change” to all parts of Nevada has worked, too. From last week on October 3:

For the first time since July, Barack Obama has moved ahead of John McCain in Nevada. The latest Rasmussen Reports telephone survey in the state shows Obama attracting 51% of the vote while McCain earns 47%. Last month, McCain had a three-point advantage in this key southwestern state.

- Rasmussen Reports

People living in Los Angeles County are assigned to the Las Vegas area while Californians living in other counties are assigned to other parts in Nevada. While I don’t expect the work to be the least bit glamorous, I just didn’t know if I could live with seeing McCain-Palin getting elected while looking back and knowing that I could have done more on my part. And so I signed up for Drive For Change. I’m bringing my sunblock!

I found a carpool with other Obama supporters and campaigners on their Drive To Nevada boards and linked up with a really generous guy who isn’t even charging for gas. Sweet!

It’s not without its entertainment, of course. I’ll be hosted by Jim and Jen and am looking to join them for the Santo Gold concert tomorrow evening.

… and from the looks of the market today, I’m somewhat relieved I took the day off. :( Hope you guys have a great weekend.