The Official Kitteh Post

It might be obvious that I love cats.  I love kittehs.  I take pictures of my roommate’s kitteh probably every day if not several times per day.  His name is Chauncey (as in Billups–hey she’s from Michigan, ok?) and not once but twice he has opened my door by jumping and turning my bedroom doorknob while pushing it inward just because I was inside. So yes, he’s a smartie too. Take a look many looks:

Chauncey and my bath robe belt Chauncey loves other kittehs Chauncey loves snowboarder chicks Chauncey plays Wii Bowling Chauncey loves the chaise lounge Kittehs are great. Well, my roommate’s is. But the following video is pretty hilarious, too. Be sure to watch the entire thing:

Priceless. C’mon, you gotta love the juxtaposition of cuteness with … bowel movements.

Love, *e