Thank God Uggs Are Dying Out

[]( “Seychelles At Last”)Do you know what I never got about Uggs? Not that I saw more people wearing them in Los Angeles more than in Milwaukee or Mammoth. (You could probably halve the average temperature in Los Angeles over the year and get the average yearly temperature in Milwaukee.) After all, people spend more money on clothes shoes winter boots in L.A. and Uggs certainly cost a lot of money, being imported from Australia and made of half kangaroo skin, half crocodile skin and the other half baby lamb shearling. Moreover, it’s that whenever I saw them being worn here, the girls were wearing them with sundresses, shorts and the like. In the summer. Sundresses - summer, check. Lambskin boots - summer, what? I admit it. We all make sacrifices for fashion, but to the ends that the look creates a desirable proportion that makes sense. So which is it? Are you basking in the sun or protecting yourself from the elements? Are your legs hot or chilly? Are you afraid of frostbite or sunburn? My feet get hot. I rarely wear socks because I wear heels to work and flip flops to the yoga studio even in the “winter” months here. To be honest, the idea of covering them in shearling when for example it’s 80 degrees outside (happened last week) before slathering sunscreen on my arms and neck seems a bit ludicrous to me. Then again, when the thought that it’s “freakin’ cold” any time during the year-considering my place of origin-it initiates a wave of guilt through and through. So maybe it’s just where I come from. Yes, I’m thanking the fashion gods that the fad is finally dying out. I’m heaping dirt on the coffin and welcoming what’s to come because it has to be better than overpriced, tan-colored cankles. In fact, so far I’m rolling with the current fall trends. I can agree with them–crocs excepted. Finally, gone are the overblown kimono tops and heeled ankle boots (sort of)–both completely unflattering to my small frame. And the peep toe pumps are cute. So are the flat riding boots. Thanks to an online discount code I even ordered myself a pair. Though I’m in love with the Frye boots and even Corso Comos, they were a bit rich for my blood, especially considering the next big boot could be a mid-calf, chunky heel or something (though I doubt it). Who am I kidding? The point of this whole post is that I’m so excited about my new boots, which happen to be so much better than Uggs.

Seychelles At Last

P.S. - It seems like Gap, Inc. opened up a new online shoe shop called Piperlime. A rather snazzy site with good selection, though they seem to have teamed up with stylist Rachel Zoe for some big name recognition. (I wonder if she is their coke dealer, too.)