Spring Cocktails in Full Bloom at Comme Ça

[caption id=“” align=“aligncenter” width=“500”] Basil Blush - White rum, strawberry, basil, balsalmic, built over ice[/caption] While we’ve gone back and forth for awhile, the weather has gotten pretty warm and I’m sure that it’s here to stay. Well, besides June Gloom in a couple weeks, that is. But it’s hard to argue that Los Angeles is the place to be in Spring, and Comme Ça, fresh off their remodel, is the perfect place to celebrate and clink glasses. They’ve got quite an impressive cocktail menu that has been out for a couple weeks. Looks are deceiving, because while the Basil Blush, for instance, looks like your typical strawberry-basil cooler, it actually packs quite a punch thanks to its freshly muddled ingredients and tasty, spicy white rum.

My notes to follow underneath the slideshow as you page through:

Lillet Bee by Tim Loden - Gin, Lillet Blanc, lemon, egg white, shaken, served up, Angostura bitters I prefer this over a Pisco Sour, since it lends less tartness and more savory flavors to the drink. Count me in!

Bridgetown Twist by Jeff Knudesen - Rye, gin, Velvet Falernum, built over ice with orange twist Definitely one of my favorites on the menu. Simple ingredients (okay, maybe V. Falernum itself isn’t simple but it’s beautiful), so easy to sip yet beautifully nuanced. Plus, rye and gin are my favorites. What is not to love? Triple threat!

JFK to LAX by Brent Henry - Vodka, muddled citrus, cucumber, basil, shaken, served up Loved how refreshing this was. An off-the-cuff drink created by Brent for a particular customer who had just arrived in town, it’s the drink on the menu that’s really for everybody.

Archangel - Gin, Aperol, cucumber, served up This was another of my favorites. So simple, it’s hard to go wrong with these ingredients. If you want boozy yet refreshing, you’ll love this as the cucumber essence from the garnish takes a little of the edge off.

Green Point - Rye, Yellow Chartreuse, Carpano Antica, served up One of the mainstays from Comme Ça’s long-standing Manhattan variation program, this combination of Rye, Chartreuse and Carpano Antica formula is just the trick. Whether you’re warming up to Manhattans or have been drinking them for years, this will win you over.

Golden Delicious - Applejack, lemon, honey, shaken and served over ice with apple slice This cocktail is pretty straightforward and for those who are looking for an easy sipper that will complement, not overwhelm, their food.

Flora de Lys - Tequila, St. Germain, lime, rose water, shaken and served up with cucumber I really loved this cocktail. There was just enough St. Germain and rose water to put enough floral notes in it without making it soapy - or maybe that was the ingenious combination with tequila. I liked how the focus was taken away from citrus (as is usual in tequila cocktails) very artfully.

Cherry Julep - Bourbon, muddled cherries, simple, built over crushed ice with sprig of mint Here’s one way to vary your Derby cocktail. It’s interesting and boozy, but I actually prefer the original in its traditional cup (yeah, kind of a snob, huh?)

And if beer is more your style upon your visit, another great result of the remodel is newly installed beer taps, 4 in all. So far, they’ve very carefully picked a variety of tasty European beers that go with Comme Ça’s food, including a French red ale, La Gavroche; an Austrian Stiegl Pilsner and the Belgian Pale Ale, Rince Cochon Blonde. I’ll see you drinking up at Comme Ça - at the bar or otherwise.

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