Sips & Kisses on Sunset at Skybar

The Goodnight Kiss

I’ve never been one for especially sweet drinks - you know, the kind that out me as a member of one particular sex over the other - but hey. I’ll try anything once. Especially if real muddled fruit is involved. I am beginning to appreciate rum more, these days. And with all the craze about St. Germain liqueur lately, I gotta say I’m pulled into that as well. Sweet cocktails, to me, are usually more palatable with St. Germain. There is something about elderflower that gives the cocktail more depth and - of course - more fragrance. I think it also makes the cocktail more delicate.

In the last installment of a 3-part “Summer Sips” series at Skybar at The Mondrian on Sunset Blvd., they’re introducing The Goodnight Kiss - a decidedly summer drink made with Cabana Cachaça. It’s a rum distilled from sugar cane as opposed to molasses in keeping with the lightness a summer cocktail should require. Peep the recipe below to get an idea:

Muddle 3 strawberries

¾ oz lime juice

1oz St. Germain Liqueur

1 ½ oz Cabana Cachaça

Shake and strain in low ball
Garnish with a strawberry and lime wheel flag

And if you know anything about the establishments on Sunset Blvd., you know Skybar is notorious for a lot of things: A beautiful poolside deck, an island thatch roof motif (the layout of which I admire), and yes - perhaps amongst all the beautiful people there’s a larger share of older, well-to-do gentlemen. Another thing I’d add: Difficult entry at peak times like Friday and Saturday nights unless you actually have a room booked at The Mondrian. Personally - I avoid those nights on The Strip because while I love parties and cocktails, I am a low drama-loving kind of gal - scene-wise and parking-wise. Regardless - I have my readers covered!

If you want to try The Goodnight Kiss and soak up the Sunset scene, just call Skybar at 323.650.8999 x 4207 to make a reservation (that is, for larger parties) or to be added to the list if the time of your raucous visit necessitates that. Mention that you are there to try “The Goodnight Kiss” and you’ll be added to the list. Oh - and did I mention it’s $8 while cocktails at Skybar are usually $16??

You scenester, you…

Goodnight Kiss cocktail is $8 (half-price) til the end of September

Open seven days a week

SKYBAR at The Mondrian Hotel
8440 Sunset Blvd.
West Hollywood, CA 90069
(x4207 - for reservation & list inquiry)