Shop and Sample at Petrossian

Photo credit to LA Times

We may be in a recession - but that may be the very reason to start your holiday shopping now, just to “spread things out,” if you know what I mean. Then again, if you’re gifting from Petrossian’s Boutique, a place to get rather decadent delectables, let me first commend you for your great taste and second, give you my info so you can put me on your list.

Petrossian - a place that prides itself on bringing otherwise-inaccessible luxurious items to everyone - is having a one-day-only holiday shopping event on Sunday. Staff will be on hand to help you shop. Pick one of the pre-made gift baskets, starting at $115 or customize your own. The point of the shopping event is to try what you may gift - like caviar, foie gras, fine olive oils, smoked salmon, french chocolates and truffles. Complimentary champagne will be provided and samples of “Tsar Cut Salmon, Trout and Salmon Roe, and Chocolates” will be available.

You may or may not know the Petrossian name as a leader in the caviar industry through three generations - but I’d say of any occasion this would be the day to stop in and see what you’re missing.

Besides, it’s a much better reason to visit Robertson than Kitson.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

12 - 5 PM

Petrossian Boutique & Restaurant 321 North Robertson Blvd. West Hollywood, CA 90048 310.271.0576