See You At A Festival

[]( “Sunset Junction Street Festival 2007”)Sometimes, the good stuff just crams itself into the same weekend. Get a load of the upcoming fests. You can eat to your heart’s content and blast your ears out to their discontent … while basking in the sun or enjoying the cool summer breeze.  Take your pick or mix and match. I mean, if you even like that gelatinous, white, slimy weird stuff that is.

LA Tofu Festival 2007

Los Angeles Tofu Festival - August 18 -19

237 S. San Pedro Street Los Angeles, CA 90013 (San Pedro and 2nd)

Sat - 12pm - 8pm Sun - 12pm - 6pm

Admission: $5 (or $3 with this coupon)

They’re having a Wi-Fi scavenger hunt, which I think is really cute because they also advertise that the entire festival is “wireless.“  I mean, who wants to eat tofu at a Tofu Festival when I can surf the internet on my laptop? Be sure to bring cash as you’ll need it to buy your scrips at $1 each. Food and beverages range between 1 and 5 tickets each. Trust me–it’s well worth the trip to the ATM.

Sunset Junction Street Festival 2007

Sunset Junction Street Festival - August 18 - 19

3900 - 4300 Sunset Blvd and 4000  4200 Santa Monica Blvd Sat - 10am - 11pm Sun - 10am - 10pm

Admission: $15 (or $13 in advance)

According to the folks at Flavorpill, the festival has a rich and interesting history–having first started 27 years ago with the goal of easing growing tensions between the old (Latino) and new (Gay and white) residents of Silver Lake. They’ve always got a decent line-up to show for it, too.  My bands and acts to note this year:  She Wants Revenge, Breakestra, Ben Harper & The Innocent Criminals, Cheb i Sabbah (concert schedule)

That’s the goods. Since some other “haps” are going on Saturday, I’ll most likely be reserving Sunday as my festival day. Well, I would like to catch Breakestra and Ben Harper on Saturday. Decisions, decisions… 

Also, remember to wear your sunscreen–and don’t forget the tops of your feet. (Did you know that’s the most common place skin cancer occurs?) Also, if you’re planning on attending either festival or both, be sure to drop a line about for instance what acts you plan on seeing or how good or yucky the food was, and etc. I’m curious to hear what you guys thought. See you there! :)

Love, *e