Quofda: Saccharine At Best

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone - if that floats your boat and all. (Edit: Realized this was also a Quofda question in hindsight.) Personally, I find more “buoyant” properties in love expressed on each of the other 364 days of the year. After all, it’s lesser expected and therefore truly allows genuine expression to be conveyed through spontaneity. Heck, even though your birthday is on the same day every year, celebrating it on that day is still infinitely more personalized. Think about it. If you asked a sweetheart presenting a bouquet of flowers on this day - “Who put you up to this?” - what would be the truthful answer? “Society.” Or, “Tradition.” Probably the most romantic answer might be, “Thousands of years of history says I love you today.” Consumerism has essentially cheapened our expression of love. Truth be told, I really feel for you gentlemen with honeys because I know there are often repercussions if you don’t do something for them on this god-forsaken day. That is certainly our doing - so consider that I am perhaps speaking for a minority. My view is: Buying stuff is a great liberty each of us carry out in our daily activities and quick “fixes,” or convenience, is a natural extension of capitalism and consumerism, but when applied to actual people - I just don’t find myself enjoying any of that when on the receiving or giving end. Quite truthfully, I want to be different than everyone else. Okay - I want to be better than that. This day has gotten to the point where people just take the opportunity to set up their loved ones to fail. It’s a lose-lose battle. You either don’t care enough because you didn’t sprinkle rose petals all over her bedroom like Petey did for his girlfriend and if you took her on a hot air balloon ride this year that means you gotta fly her on a private jetplane to the Caribbean next year and now you’re behind on your mortgage payments. What gives? Well, let me come clean here. If you’re buying into the fact that the amount of time, effort, money, etc. you put into this day actually conveys how much you love your sweetheart, maybe you really asked for this. Case in point - people in the Midwest might be familiar with Sweetest Day, which is in October. It’s basically another Valentine’s Day. My roommate (from Michigan) and I were talking about this yesterday, and it is truly a Midwest phenomenon. Neither of us had heard about it being celebrated out here yet all through high school it was a day that everyone observed - school, family and otherwise. I Wiki‘ed it today and found out that it is merely a concoction of a candy company as a boon to their own industry. Doesn’t it make more sense that if you are expecting your loved one to “perform” his or her magic on this day - that you really are expecting too little? That you’re expecting them to conform to the norm of expressing love on this day and in essence that’s just settling for what everyone else is getting? Love expressed 365 days of the year in just the little intricacies of compatibility seems so much more meaningful. So much more real. But that’s just me.