Quofda: Blind Ambition

The question of the day today asks whether I’m living my ambition or living my life. It was thought-provoking enough to attempt expounding upon in a post. Felt BoardThis is mainly because the way I look at the question, it’s almost as palpable as a felt board presentation in sunday school. “Ambition” and “life” could each be represented by felt circles of varying sizes, one could be contained inside (engulfed by) the other. Or they could overlap, side-by-side. The mass of one might be identical to or completely different from the other. I choose life over ambition. The amount of felt material used for “life,” I would feel, far surpasses that used for “ambition.” Do we not see value when our lives speaks to many facets? Ambition is good for motivation, y’see, but there is no perspective within which to enjoy the fruits of that ambition without the context of life. To me, blind ambition is like willingly putting the side blinders on (rather literal, I know) to effect tunnel vision. Or putting all your eggs in the wicker basket which is something I’ve never been keen on doing (whether it’s because I can’t hold focus on one thing if my life depended on it is a whole other matter). It’s like being known for going all in on a bad hand. Ambition is a good card to have in your deck, but if it’s the only one you will eventually get called out for not having more in your arsenal. When you live your life, you gather tools along the way which you perfect and sharpen to be used later. You develop a skillset, hone it and perfect it over time. Ambition is static and when everything is centered around that, you will undoubtedly become better at that one thing but you become closed to other opportunities, even if it’s better for you. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to recognize it because you’re so focused on this one thing as an end all to rule your life. For what will it profit a man to gain the whole world but lose his soul? (Mark 8:36) After all, a golddigger has ambition.