Psychedelic Cat Poo

[]( “The Mars Volta at The Orpheum in LA”)You know you’re a redneck cat person when …

… you smell something so disturbingly familiar that you turn to your boyfriend towards the end of a Mars Volta concert and shout in his ear, “I think I just smelled cat poo!!!”

… and he looks at you funny.  Then, he shouts back into your ear, “I know!!! That is so weird.  I thought exactly the same thing!!!”

Cuz like, you smelt that tinge of litter, too.

The Mars Volta at The Orpheum in LA

Really, though.  It was an awesome, awesome show.  Just mad improvisation and non-stop, symphonic bliss.  Since I’m a newbie to Mars and have only heard their last album (Amputechture) in full and a little of De-Loused in the Comatorium, I don’t feel particularly qualified to comment further on the music other than it was just really crazy psychedelic, ambient, jazzy and pure awesomeness in one.  Cedric, the vocalist, is truly a rock star in every sense.  The way he sounds, the way he performs, the way he moves, even the way he wears his hair (that is, fro-ey and wild).  You really haven’t experienced the band if you haven’t seen them live. The fans of Mars Volta are also quite a scene–they are more aptly described as followers.  And they’re exactly the kind of fans you would want if you were to be reincarnated as a rock star. These guys are from Long Beach.  Check here for Chuck’s flickr set. Love, *e