Presenting Dubfest 2007

It might have been my third or fourth year in a row helping out with the event–my memory serves me quite poorly. Then again, so has my mainstay in the Southern California VW-Audi scene. I dropped out of it no less than three years ago. But I do my part in staying true to my “automobile roots” by committing to helping out with Dubfest every year. Plus, I’m happy to do my small part and come through for Tom, who is one of the coolest and sweetest guys you’ll ever meet in the SoCal Dub scene. I had the minor mods, but now she’s almost bone stock. She’s just really loud, and no less fun to drive than when I first got her. The (2nd set of) bushings have softened up and my suspension could be replaced. It may be a long time coming already but I’m determined to cross that bridge when I come to it. For now, she’s doing a great job handling the hustle, bustle and poor road construction of mid-town L.A. traffic. So here I was, at Irwindale Speedway once again. Last year, Volkswagen of America (VWoA) had brought a few MkV (latest generation) GTIs so people test them out. That meant attendees at Dubfest last year could drive a car that hadn’t even been released. For the Automobile OEM to come rekonize at a mostly aftermarket showcase is not too shabby–as it’s been argued this is the largest VW-Audi-Porsche show in the country. This year, it would be strictly a car show and auto-cross. So I checked the cone racer (auto-cross) dudes in at the door. It was fun. Some familiar names and faces amongst a sea of the unfamiliar, but it was almost the same-ol’-scene. When my job was done, I walked around and took some pics even though they were still staging the MKIV class, which were still lined up. Enjoy the slide show. Camera picture quality in spite of my inexperience appears courtesy of Stefan:

In addition to the car show, it was great having such a productive weekend. In all, I attended The Los Angeles Greek Festival, practiced yoga, attended (and brought dessert to) church, enjoyed take-out Hawaiian food, enjoyed ramen (twice), did laundry, and had a ball looking at Tim’s baby pictures. I’m determined to enjoy Asian food this week, as there will be quite a shortage over the course of a couple weeks very soon! I hope everyone is having a great start to the week. I’m so anxious for my trip–leaving in four days! Love, *e