Pleading The Fourth

Happy Fourth of July, everyone! Okay, maybe not everyone, but at least for you Americans who are having today off–live it up! Independence Day this year is special for me, personally. It’s also grueling, but eye-opening. It’s been a quite an experience–albeit sometimes painful–to get to this point. But I’m determined, somehow, to not let July 4th, 2007 in particular get past me unappreciated, unobserved. It’s Independence Day. I am free. Independence means so much; it means much more than I could ever imagine or even fathom at any other point in my life up until this point. Independence is a blessing. It’s also a double-edged sword. It means I take responsibility for everything that is of my own doing and no one else’s. It marks a new journey to the heart. It means reevaluating, sometimes revamping old ties. Eliminating ties that are not good, not healthy. I am getting back to myself. Sometimes, when we’re used to being caught up in hiding our real selves from what other people would have us say, do, or simply be–we have to get organic and go to who we really are. Who we were created to be, and how to best be that person despite what others might say. We have to find people who let us be that person. That is independence–finding nurturing people who don’t pass judgment, who love us for the imperfect beings that we are because they understand that they themselves are flawed, too. It’s the independence to be ourselves. My hope is that you experience the freedom and independence to think, feel and express. The freedoms we were all meant to have, and live them to the fullest. Love, *e P.S. - Please remember to wear sunscreen. We all have the right to freedom from sunburn.