On and In Hollywood

It would make sense that the people who complain the most about the traffic in Los Angeles don’t live in L.A.  I tend to think that the complainers are usually commuters, who drive in and out of the city on a daily basis by way of a freeway (which Southern Californians tend to refer to as proper nouns by placing “the” before each numeration).  As for the Metro L.A. area, though, you can still always complain about it–the cars ain’t going anywhere–but when it’s so commonplace, it’s beating a dead horse when you combine L.A. and the mere occurance of traffic.  It’s really just old news to your average Angeleno. 

So while you won’t hear about actual complaints coming from the natives here, you’ll overhear basic traffic strategy.  “When heading north-south, never take La Cienega north of Wilshire; try Crescent Heights instead.“  I personally like Orlando, just one block east.  Inevitably, you forgo the clogged, major stoplight-lined streets for the minor, free-flowing, stopsign-and-go side streets.

Such advice is useful when you endeavor to make Happy Hour.

You work in or near L.A. and you want a couple cocktails to unwind after a grueling day at work.  Understandable.  After all, there’s no shortage of places to get lickered, here.  But the problem is that Happy Hour never lasts very long.  And once it’s over?  It’s full price.  This amounts to pretty much only one Happy Hour per day–or per week, as is my quota on weekday debauchery. 

L'Scorpion in Hollywood on HollywoodSo C picked out a new spot for us to try last week Friday–ironically or not so ironically located right on tourist-clad Hollywood Boulevard–called L’Scorpion.  What was nice was their special ”Hour” ends at 8pm, instead of the usual 7pm. 

Their Happy Hour special is half-off drinks.  Appetizers are full price and as a full-fledged “bar” they don’t serve any meal food.  Good thing they have really tasty drinks. 

I would definitely try their Pomegranate Margarita–it’s what I had and it was the strongest of the bunch.  Their Cucumber Margarita was delcious, too.  Other varieties included Prickly Pear Margarita and Honey Dew.  You get chips, with which you should definitely order a side of their guacamole.  It is heavenly.

Roosevelt Hotel LobbyAfterwards, we headed on over to The Roosevelt Hotel for pool and to scope out some food for roycifer, who had joined us.  You may be aware that The Roosevelt is indeed a landmark and a current celebrity hostel alike.  Apparently, there was a Playboy Party going on at the same time, as we saw some rather young blondes scurrying into an elevator car full of _more_ blondes in scantily-clad clothing…or no clothing, at all, but simply body paint.  (The giggles threw the needle of my internal IQ detector into redline.  Not to mention my jailbait meter coming off the charts.)  I would like to apologize, here, for not having the presence of mind to pull out my camera nor the gall to snap a few shots for your enjoyment.

After we composed ourselves, my friends aimed to borrow the incomplete pool set at the reception (with two 9-balls and no 5) while we went to the Roosevelt’s first-floor restaurant called 25 Degrees.  Their motto was “Burgers and Wine.“  Very interesting.

And we hear that these are practically the best burgers in town.  Neither of us were hungry for a complete burger, but they came out of the kitchen with their round buns aglaze and their irresistible aroma wafing past our olefactories.  Had I not been full on nacho chips, guac, and shrimp tacos, one would have been mine.  Well, they certainly looked like the best burgers in town.  The fries we ordered to compliment our drinks (yes they have a full bar, too) were delicious, crisp, and freshly cut straight from the potato–yet not soggy like In ‘n Out fries become after just a few minutes.  The place had a cool vibe to boot, with its own vintage wallpaper, hipster patrons and Coca-cola served in the nostalgic glass bottle.

Good ol’ Hollywood.  She’s an old faithful, I’m telling you.  We’ll be back–many, many times.


Only fries at 25 DegreesPool table on 2nd floor of Roosevelt

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6679 Hollywood Blvd.
Hollywood, CA 90028

Roosevelt Hotel
7000 Hollywood Blvd.
Hollywood, CA 90028

25 Degrees (inside Roosevelt)