My Turn: 8 Random Things About Me

I’ve been graciously tagged by Peroty. My ship has ventured into the Sea of Memes as I speak. (You may reference my post on Where On The Online Map? if you don’t know what I’m talking about. Also, if you don’t know what a Meme is, there’s always the Wiki on it.)

I’ve done this once upon a time on a blog far, far away…but what fun would that be if I defaulted to that, anyway? Plus, I’ve hit a bit of blog writers’ block lately. There are some things brewing because lots of life changes have been happening, but I’m going to ask for your patience. The writing will come to fruition, eventually. Thanks in advance. :)

The Rules

  • We have to post these rules before we give you the facts.

  • Players start with eight random facts/habits about themselves.

  • People who are tagged need to write their own blog about their eight things and post these rules. At the end of your blog post, you need to choose eight people to get tagged and list their names.

  • Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them they’re tagged, and to read your blog.

Here we go.

  • I have a thing for sleeveless shirts. I have a lot of them. I think it’s because I’m somewhat short, so the vertical lines of a sleeveless kind of elongate my figure. Oh right, and I also live in Southern California and it is really warm here much of the year.

  • I am pretty much addicted to snowboarding. Year-round, I’ll watch one DVD of chicks snowboarding probably about once every week. During winter months, it’s every day. (They make one good DVD of chicks snowboarding per year because there’s only enough good snowboarding chicks to do that. Or, you could say the female snowboarding market is only big enough to entertain one DVD release per year.) I love snowboarding. When winter comes around, you’ll be seeing a lot of posts about the sport. And, I’ll be in Mammoth probably two weekends out of each winter month.

  • I’m really into Anusara yoga. Recently, I did a flow class (Power Yoga) at my gym since I just recently cancelled my monthly membership there and am trying to get the most out of it before it ends. I found out why I like Anusara much better than flow. More attention is paid to form and alignment than the fulfillment of a sort of ADD from moving from pose to pose. After my membership is over, I’ll be going exclusively to the Anusara studio.

  • We’ve had a recent addition to the household. He’s my roommate’s cat kitteh, the man of the house, and like a real bloke his name is Chauncey. A really strange thing about him is that he enjoys when his claws get clipped. What follows from this is that I also love cats. His being around has given me a sort of peace I didn’t know I was missing. Being in the presence of such innocence is calming.


  • My next cell phone bill will be my last in the next 2 years. I’ve been randomly selected to participate in a market research panel whereas next week I will be sent a smartphone and will be required to take it with me at all times, even inside the house. It will transmit (via new technology developed by a market research company and Nielsen) what movies and movie trailers I watch, what radio stations I listen to, what I’m listening to on my iPod and what television shows I’m watching and this will be a representation of my age and location demo. Supposedly, they won’t be recording my phone conversations and meet minimal privacy protection laws. Los Angeles is one of 6 metro areas that are being studied. My free plan comes with 1000 monthly minutes and unlimited data and text. Woohoo!

  • I have an area (2”x 2”) on my right shin that is somewhat devoid of feeling. I had 13 stitches in that area after a spill on my bike back home from a piano lesson. I remember there were traces of small, white blobs of fat that spewed out of the gash as I walked my bike home. The stitches that were put in were likely not sewn correctly–thus the absence of feeling for years after. I gradually have gained some back and now have about 70% of the original sensation. At the time of the spill, I was around 12 years old.

  • My car’s name is Judy Jettason. As in, yes, The Jetsons. She’s a MKIV 12v VR6 Volkswagen Jetta. Just recently at about 90,000 miles, she’s been having major problems–consequently, she’s gotten a brand new ECU (computer), a wheel bearing replaced, the whole works. A recurring problem, though, has been her cooling system. For the third time in a half-year (this past month), I got the coolant light flashing at me and noticed a leak coming from just under the coolant tank. I ended up pouring 4 gallons total of a distilled water-coolant mixture through that tank before the shop diagnosed this past weekend that “there was nothing wrong with the cooling system.” They ran her through the diagnosis and flushed her through. I just took her to The OC this past week and sure enough, she didn’t overheat nor did I notice her leaking anymore. Resigned to the fact that I own a Volkswagen (yet love her no less–I’ll drive her til the day she dies, literally), I call it somewhat miraculous. Tongue in cheek, of course.

  • Almost 2 years ago, I ran a Marathon. I consider it one of my best accomplishments to date. I ran in honor of my nephew, who was diagnosed with Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia when he was only 1.5 years old. I raised about $2500, which was donated to The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. I hope to run a second Marathon sometime within the next year. Far before I ran, however, he had come into remission. :) It looks good.

I’m going to break the rules and not tag 8 people. I’m a bit too bashful for that. To keep the spirit though, I’ll tag a couple–and for this I pick Geraldine (a French blogger extraordinaire) and Trickstergod (a lucky bastard who has a new iPhone). Enjoy. :) Hope you enjoyed this installment. ;) Love, *e