Make It Count

I am told of some sad news, but also hopeful news in that when this is all over, she will be okay.  Despite how easy it is to hate MySpace, the reality is is that it’s pretty much the only portal I have into my years in Milwaukee.  Tons more successful than classmates dot com, MySpace has enabled me to get back in contact with some high school friends and they with me–one of them being one of my best friends in grade school.  It’s also allowed me to get in touch with a good high school friend, whom I’ve since met up with and we ended up having a really good time when I visited her at her place on the Milwaukee east side.  It’s a really interesting peek in the window to the past, sometimes.  That is, where the lives of those through that window have gone. For many (including myself I thought), it’s not even a window people are curious about peeking through and instead, probably would rather throw a rock through it.  Yeah, I’ve been there.  And then a personal message from this best grade school friend (also my middle-through-high school classmate) really hit home. Apparently, last week in rainy weather in Green Bay, Wisconsin, our Senior Class President had gone off the road and flipped twice (  The car, with her inside, landed upside down in a nearby marsh, submerged in three feet of water.  Two samaritans who had seen it happen came and got her out of the car (, and saved her from drowning.  She was in a coma as of last week but thankfully woke up over the weekend while on the ventilator. Bless those passers-by. Jenny and I had the same class schedules.  We were nerds–or as some would say, the “nerd jocks.“  In reality I was more of a “musical nerd” though.  We took most of the few AP classes our school district offered at the time together.  She had band while I had orchestra and we were officers in National Honor Society.  Also, some science club that I can’t quite remember.  When she was done with soccer, she joined cross-country, for which I was captain–and she consistently ran better times than I did.  :)  She was ranked No. 1 in our class while I was No. 13.  Very, very talented girl. I haven’t seen her for about 9 years.  Jenny was planning our 10-year reunion; it seems as though the torch has been passed on.  She’s in my thoughts and prayers. I have come to realize: you just never know when, you never know what, you never know how.  The only point of this post is, Make every second count.  _Every single second._  And if you could, to send some thoughts wayward high for her. Love, *e