LudoBites For Lunch?!

[caption id=“” align=“aligncenter” width=“500” caption=“Me, Ludo, Caroline on Crack at Domaine LA Wine Shop Opening (Krissy behind the camera)”]Me, Ludo, Caroline on Crack at Domaine LA Wine Shop Opening (Krissy behind the camera)[/caption] It was just another ordinary day in Twitterverse. I work nearby the Miracle Mile outpost of the ongoing food truck revolution. My target today would be the Grilled Cheese Truck and I would ultimately miss - thanks to their popularity and resulting 30-foot line. From what it looked like, the line was stagnant and my suited arse had to be back at work. “Aborting @grlldcheesetruk, the line is 30 feet long. I need to get back to my day job,” I lamented. Krissy, a.k.a. Mrs. Ludo Lefebvre, referenced our lunch at Jitlada last week, which was organized by Jo of MyLastBite. I had played hooky for delicious Thai food, but also to pick my cat up from surgery in the boondocks. “@estarLA: I guess only @jitladala can force you into a day of hookey from work. :)” Indeed. Or something else that wasn’t in my wildest dreams available. I responded: “LMK when LudoBites does lunch then we’ll talk ;)” Yes. Do: Let me know. And she did - right away. It was tentative but not expected, and that was enough. FrenchChefWife came back: “That might not be too far off :) RT @estarLA LMK when LudoBites does lunch then we’ll talk.” “Whaaa?!?” The bulk of the news was exchanged in Twitterland, and to round out the story: They’re between two places for LudoBites’ next stint after Royal/T - which, by the way, hasn’t even started yet and has been sold out since last week. Never fear. They’ve been planning for mid-January 2010 at the earliest for their next potential lunch and dinner spot. Yes, lunch! Squee…!! Bummed you didn’t get in on the sold-out In Bed Together LudoBites installment at Royal/T? Well this is your chance. And if you don’t work nearby, believe me - this lunch will be worth playing hookey for. ;) I’m looking forward to the launch party on Friday. Krissy says she will be debuting the new LudoBites T-shirt, which “is very funny and semi-tasteless, but it is all in fun.” Oh! We knew that! What is LudoBites if it isn’t fun?! (Aforementioned t-shirts will also be available for sale.) P.S. - Culver City would be peachy. Kthx.

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(All 13 dates sold out)

December 2-4, 9-10,13-17, 20-22; 2009

LudoBites: In Bed Together with Royal/T 8910 Washington Blvd Culver City, CA 90232-2326 310.559.6300