Libre Tea Glass: For Loose Leaf Tea On-The-Go

[caption id=“” align=“aligncenter” width=“333” caption=“Above depiction not actually how Libre glass works”][/caption] Once upon a time, I survived without coffee. I never went near the bean; I was true and faithful to the leaf. Even while I was running, I avoided the dark, caffeinated drink. It was strictly tea and vegetable juicing for me. Well. Those crazy days of mine are over. But I do have reason now to return to that steeped, hot beverage since I recently got approached by a representative over at Libre. She offered me an opportunity to give their product a shot - apparently it was a glass designed to enable you to “drink loose leaf tea on the go.” [caption id=“” align=“alignright” width=“240” caption=“Libre Tea Glass-in-poly deconstructed”][/caption] Hot water? And no tea bags? On the go? Quite frankly, I just wanted to see the thing - it had to be made of good materials if you were able to port around hot water. And it is. My version, the glass-and-poly, comes with a glass inner chamber and an outer poly shell. Insulation and protection for your hand, check. The top actually has two parts - two screw caps with the middle portion containing the stainless steel tea strainer to hold the leaves and the outer cap, which traps the leaves and water inside the entire glass. To brew the tea you simply turn your Libre Glass upside down, exposing the water to your loose tea leaves. Neither of the caps contain BPA so your water will never come in contact with it. The best thing about the Libre Tea glass’ design, though, is the ability to stop brewing your tea whenever you wish by turning or simply leaving your glass right side up. The hot water, in my many times using the glass, stays hot for a fairly reasonable amount of time - probably in no small part by the outer and inner parts being separated by a little air. Anyway, if you’re looking for more reasons to enjoy tea, you can add portability as well as using less paper with the Libre. I’ve already explained the glass to those at my local Coffee Bean and they pack the tea leaves inside my Libre cap without having to use a tea bag or cup of their own. Studly. A glass-in-poly Libre will run you $24 while a glass-in-glass will cost $25 (though I’m not quite clear why you’d get a glass-glass one - perhaps for home). Just be aware the shipping does cost $8 - but is probably still worth it if you’re, say, not prone to losing things. Perfect for Christmas, don’t you think…?


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