Kitchensurfing Cooks Chef-Driven, Chef-Prepared Meals In Your Home

[caption id=“” align=“aligncenter” width=“500”] Chef Ryan Rondeno Plating Dinner[/caption] With how often I do dining reviews, I tend to eat out a lot. So much that I will sometimes go for weeks without even visiting the grocery store and my cooking skills eventually become so rusty, I can’t help but wonder just how much I’d embarrass myself when it came time to entertain in my own home, again. (Okay, but seriously, I still have the basics down. I promise.) And then there’s Kitchensurfing. First launched in New York, the Los Angeles incarnation launched just yesterday. I was provided several, succulent tastes at one Southern media dinner held in Venice last month, just so I could envision how it might play out were I to host something similar at my own place. [caption id=“” align=“alignright” width=“240”] Southern Family Style Dinner[/caption] And the answer is, “cake.” Easy as cake. Or dinner before cake, that is. Co-founded by Ben Leventhal (who also co-founded Eater), Kitchensurfing is the answer to all that ails the food preparation portion of entertaining. You add the setting, people and occasion (which can be as basic as mealtime nourishment), and you’ve got a personalized meal ready to go for all involved. You specify the date, number of people, maximum budget you’d be willing to pay, region or type of cuisine and even the style ranging from cocktails and h’ors doeurves to buffet, family style to plated, and more. If you’re kind of slim on budget, you can also ask chefs to “make me an offer,” allowing chefs to bid on you. The range of services available is much wider than I had anticipated, with options such as cooking classes, brunch, office lunches, tapas or small plates and even food delivery for future meals. Even less often eaten cuisines such as Caribbean, Malaysian, Nordic, Polish and more are there for the offering. If you prefer to browse according to chefs such as Nyesha Arrington, whom are rated on the site, and their profiles, that’s available, too. (So don’t forget to rate your chef after your event so you can give your input, too.) Anyway, I can’t wait to have my first dinner party to break in my new place. If you’ve got the funds but lack the kitchen knowhow, you can still look like you’re an entertaining pro. Who knew booking a private chef was just one website away?

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