Kali Dining: The Sleeper Underground Supper Club

[caption id=“” align=“aligncenter” width=“500” caption=“Chilled English Pea Soup | Mint (2-ways), Chantilly, Buckwheat Streusel”][/caption] What’s a chef to do - and where is he to go - once he quits his posh Patina Restaurant Group post as Executive Chef at Cafe Pinot? The answer? It’s infallibly to do one’s own series of roving dinners in various homes. Chef Kevin Meehan’s intention? Hosting a group of appreciative guests with adventurous and social bents. [caption id=“” align=“alignright” width=“240” caption=“Yellowtail Confit | Beet, Brown Butter Powder, Balsalmic, Pink Peppercorns”][/caption] What you get, then, is a start-up dinner series that brings together a myriad of moving parts - but the difference with this particular dinner party is that the least questionable variable is the quality of the food. In essence, there’s no better way to enjoy a multi-course opus by Chef Meehan than within the context and intimacy of an 8-person dinner party. The mystery of the night’s dinner menu is navigated by that day’s foraged finds and treasures unearthed at the fish and farmer’s market. (Those with dietary restrictions are encouraged to let Chef know when the reservation is made.) The evening begins with a reception of sorts as you sip wine in the comforts of an outdoor, dimly but charmingly lit patio and begin to get acquainted with your fellow diners - after all, you’ll be sharing a table so you may as well get cozy. Sidenote: It’s probably best to get a pre-dinner wine, or at least something a little unexpected or white, to share for this; it seemed that everyone at my party had food on the mind (and why wouldn’t they) when they picked out their wines. [caption id=“” align=“alignleft” width=“240” caption=“Beef Tenderloin Fillet | Potato, Garlic Ash, Onion Variation”][/caption] And for five inventive and intriguing courses (plus amuse bouche)ย and an unexpectedly pleasant group of characters at the dinner my guest and I were privy to, it was an evening well spent. Or if you have that special occasion in mind, you can book your own dinner party for you and your friends. After all, no where else will you get top-notch courses in an ultimately casual, stress-free environment. But I really like the idea of matching your “omakase” style dinner to the chef’s choice co-mingling of guests. Dinner parties, after all, are for adventurers. One thing I’ve noticed about many dinner parties, too, is that there’s a pacing left to be desired for the diners, or shall I say guests? But each course at Kali Dining was evenly and perfectly spaced and a fitting ascension unto the next. And I, for one, thought it was the perfect amount of food. Each plate was a piece of art yet evaded being too fussy. So you best get to Kali Dining before Chef Kevin “goes out and gets a real job” (disclaimer: his words, not mine). This is one temporary pop-up installment on the westside you won’t want to miss out on.

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Various evenings

7:30 PM

$65 min. cash donation +ย a bottle of wine to share

Kali Dining Undisclosed location