It's The Little Things

[]( “Snow Forecast”)[]( “Snow Forecast”)[]( “Snow Forecast”)[]( “Snow Forecast”)[]( “snowforecast120707.JPG”)[]( “Snow Forecast”)Today, I’m leaving for Mammoth for the first trip of the season. It’s not coincidental that the first storm to descend upon the resort started yesterday. 

Snow Forecast


And yet, I’m not packed. I haven’t even started. My jacket and pants are still hanging in my closet, my helmet’s still up on my shelf and my gloves are still stashed in my underwear miscellaneous drawer. When I get home, I’ll hastily pile everything into my duffle, which will be bulging in the middle and saggy on the sides–totally proving my ineptness at space conservation and efficiency. Two years ago, I hopped on a plane for the first time for a boarding trip. It was to the king of all North American resorts, Whistler Blackcomb. Even then, save for packing only my hardgoods into my boardbag, I had put off packing everything else until I simply fell asleep watching TV to be awakened by my cell phone. The airport shuttle was outside my apartment and had called me to let me know. Panic set in and the adrenaline rush that followed was what I needed to pack for a week of snowboarding before the driver left from getting too pissed off waiting for me. The driver of the shuttle was even gracious enough to take me back to my apartment when I figured out a block from my place that I forgot my passport. There were two other passengers in the van, which meant they were subject to my stall as I packed and requested the trip back. Eeesh. It proved to be the best time and place to go for that entire season since it was a record-setting month in history for Whistler, BC (nevermind that it was surpassed immediately one year later). But still. No matter how awesome the experience proves to be or how excited I am prior to it, I am a procrastinator. On trips, in the home, when it came to schoolwork–no matter where or how it may be–I will always wait til the last minute. The cogs and wheels in my head like to feel the freedom of options. If people are asking for a choice or decision and are therefore waiting on me then I’m able to make it right off the bat, but if I’m the only one affected then I’ll wait to consider all options that may cross my path for the time being before narrowing things down. Things as detailed as packing are routinized to me and offer no sort of stimulation. In my mind, it will take care of itself–even if I am fully aware that there are no invisible elves to assist me at my beckoning. So many job descriptions require: “Must be detail oriented.” I could swear more job openings have that than not and there’s probably some Secret Code of HR Policies where it’s a rule to just throw that in there for good measure, even if it’s not truly required. Even if the best thing for a position would be to incorporate big picture thinking.  I took different versions of the Myers-Briggs personality test probably five times my entire life (including online, of course). Conferences, churches and leadership building events use them all the time and even though they say a lot about a person, it’s only one way to read him or her. I’m an ENTP and one of the descriptions that I read about my combination of letters was, “Unable to perform simple tasks.” There you have it. I’m doomed. …Until the realization comes that big picture thinking includes creating that picture for yourself… Whatever that means. It probably includes details or something. See you on the mountain. :)