How To: Defy The Formula

People like formulas. They afford getting someone from x to y by way of addition, subtraction, long division and even derivative calculus sometimes. You insert a couple sets of parentheses in the equation because there are always subtleties which, if you miss the order of things, will mess the equation up. And all you have to do is plug in your own values for the variables to get the desired result. After all, it’s a formula. Nobody wants to figure it out (do the proof) time and time again. And as always, people think there’s a fail-proof variable to plug into the formula of life. This equals the shortcut. It’s the shortcut to happiness (money), shortcut to success (money) and the shortcut that bypasses education and experience (money) in the name of comfort and stability. If  x + y = z and we are trying to achieve z, how do we know that we really know what z is? Do we all really want to be comfortable and stable? What if, instead, we wanted to be adventurous and exciting? Could it be possible that ”z” is different for everybody? That’s the trick. It’s the balance between figuring things out for ourselves and going about them the way they’ve been formulated for us by way of shortcuts. Do we really want to reduce important life decisions to a Googled ”How To” list or live out someone else’s prescribed equation to success? Then again, if we don’t even know what “z” equals for us personally then what’s the point of using the formula in the first place? On top of that, who says we shouldn’t question the formula? It comes down to examining it intrinsically or discovering that some formulas aren’t even programmable into our hardware. Work smarter, not harder. Hey, I see you beating your fists in the air. Filter the information worth storing in our hard drives. Putting them to action and living out that which is worth living out is a whole other matter. It’s culture being the excuse-all, money being the solve-all and getting married before you’re 30 being the end-all. Seriously, what is the big deal? For a culture as individually-based as ours it amazes me to no end that there are still habits, norms and traditions which are continued merely because it’s the way it’s been done in the past. What is a code worth if the “way it’s been done before” is simply bad or unsuitable? Deprogram. No one formula is going to make everything be okay. Rise up, think for yourself and make your own life one that’s worth living. Sheesh.