Hatchi With Chef Lauvand

Breadbar Century City does it again. Eight & eight - $8 each for 8 dishes that are seasonally inspired and as unique as the renowned chefs who design them. And for one night only it’s Remi Lauvand - formerly of Citrus at Social Hollywood and Le Cirque, La Grenouille, and Montrachet in NYC before that. This last Thursday of September - the 24th - it’s the following menu for one night only:

Charentais Melon, House Cured Tasmanian Trout, Tarragon & Lemon Hatch Pepper Relish Crisp Pork Belly Salad, Parsnips, Jalapeno Sauce Foie “ Parfait” Pain D’épices, Black Mission Figs Hand Made Farfalle, Octopus, Chicken Oysters, Tomatoes Barramundi, Lady Peas, Watercress, Prosciutto, Basil Jus Mini Tropézienne, Santa Barbara Pistachios and Chocolate Cracker Slow Cooked Veal Breast, Carrottes Rissolées, Arugula Penryn Orchard Pear, Crepe, Sofia Goat Cheese, Young Walnuts

Entitled “Endless Summer,” it sounds like such an interesting, delicious menu. So hurry - make your reservation for this yet one-night event before they run out. Minimum of 3 dishes per person required.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

6-10 PM


Or call:

BREADBAR Century City 10250 Santa Monica Boulevard R-2 Los Angeles, CA 90067 310.277.3770 @breadbar_la