Hatchi at Breadbar Goes Peruvian With Chef Ricardo Zarate

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Breadbar Century City’s monthly Hatchi series continues in January! The “foodie exhibition” of sorts rotates guest chefs for one-off nights so Angelenos can get a taste of everyone. Thursday, January 28, Hatchi will feature Chef Ricardo Zarate of Mo-Chica fame. Contemporary Peruvian tapas will be served, and if the glowing concensus about Mo-Chica is any indication, reservations will fill up fast. True to its title, the night will feature eight dishes running $8 each. And if you’re smart about things, you’ll dine with at least a couple others so you can try everything on the menu. (Apologies ahead of time if I underestimate your capacity, perhaps, to single-handedly handle all eight by yourself.) Six of the eight will be savory, two will be desserts. Peep the “Peru Mucho Gusto” menu below (still under revision, subject to change):

SOPA DE COLIFLOR Cauliflower soup, crispy pancetta, croutons, feta cheese dressing CAUSA TRIO Trio of Peruvian potato salad Blue crab, mayo, huancaina sauce Spicy blue fin tuna, rocoto aioli Scallops menatiko sauce CEVICHE MIXTO Tairagai, uni, sea bass, aji amarillo leche de tigre sauce TIRADITO DE PESCADO Yellow tail tiradito, sundried tomato yuzu dressing CARAPULCRA Peruvian sun dried potatoes, pancetta, roasted black cod, chimichurri sauce SECO DE CORDERO Stew lamb shoulder in black beer and cilantro sauce, canario beans, red onion salsa SELVA NEGRA Flourless chocolate cake, lucuma ice cream, tamarillo sauce KIWICHA CON LECHE Y ESENCIA DE MAZAMORRA Kiwicha coconut pudding, purple corn essence, mixed nuts

Rarely find yourself in the USC area? Have an unfounded aversion to strip malls or do you simply love quality Peruvian food with a contemporary feel? Make your reservation at Breadbar for Chef Zarate’s turn at Hatchi.

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Thursday, January 28, 2009

6 - 10 PM

$8 per dish; 3 per guest minimum

Call for reservation or visit Breadbar or OpenTable

Breadbar Century City 10250 Santa Monica Blvd. R-2 Los Angeles, CA 90067 310.277.3770

@breadbar_la @mo_chica