Get Your Spa On

Spa Week

A week from next Monday (April 16-22) is Spa Week. I recommend you book your appointments ASAP, because at $50 a pop, they fill up fast. By pop I mean service, of course.

You do have to input an e-mail address and some basic information to be on their list, but it’s worth it to see which spas are on the list and which treatments they offer at the special price. Be sure to select your major city in the drop-down menu on the left. I’ve found some reputable spas in Beverly Hills participating.

Once you see which service you would like, call the spa and book your appointment. You’ll find some services regularly going for $100+ at this special, so take advantage. I plan on getting a facial.

So as you can see, I’m in one of my episodes where I feel like I need to splurge on act of pampering myself. This is not good because I really need to be saving for Europe consistently up until the fall. Spa Week specials conveniently alleviate me of all (ok, some) guilt.

I’ve been going to physical therapy to rehabilitate and strengthen my shoulder. Yesterday, I had my physical therapy session alongside my doctor, while he was having his session. It was surreal, but interesting. Seemed as though he had an achilles heel injury or something, as I had remembered his walking around in a cast prior to my own surgery. He and his therapist were exchanging occupational gossip in say, the Orthopaedic Trauma department or something. Well, the best part really, was overhearing him talk about an hour-long massage he got at The Massage Company up on La Cienega for $40, whereby the girl doing his Swedish massage had “the strongest thumbs.” I was sold. I interjected and found out the details. Cross-street is Holloway. I plan on taking advantage, although my massage of choice is deep tissue. Work.

It’s a lot easier overcoming the guilt of $90-plus-tips for both a massage and a facial.