First Taste: Faith & Flower in Downtown Los Angeles Opens Today

[caption id=“” align=“aligncenter” width=“500”] Sturgeon with pickled mustard, brussels, polenta[/caption] I had the privilege of attending one of the first nights of service at Faith & Flower during a night of Friends & Family. There was a backing up of reservations that occurred at the middle of the night and they ran out of a few things, like Milk Punch and Stuffed Quail, but that’s what a test night like last is meant for. Besides, we got a chance to get really acquainted with a good third of the stellar cocktail menu by Michael Lay. The stirred Montana Club had Marie Duffau Bas Armagnac Napoleon in it, but also Carpano Antica, Fernet Branca, Currants and F&F aromatic bitters - an absolutely delightful drink. The rest of the list showed awesome diversity. Bradbury had rye and strawberry lambic in it while the Harry Winston had Yamazaki 12, King’s Ginger, Kuro Sato, Teapot Bitters and a flamed orange peel. Tart drink lovers will love Angels Flight, with Denizen Rum, palm sugar and Keffir lime leaf. The most important part is that the food and drink are “on,” and that was pretty much ensured throughout the duration of our meal. Indeed, it was a great way to prioritize. As far as prioritizing on our part, we saved the pizzas for another visit. As for the dishes we did have by Executive Chef Michael Hung, standouts included a really potent garlic soup with biscuits and bits of pork shoulder, and these fluffy pasta pillows that were Oxtail Agnolotti and curious tangerines sauced in a decadent but lively bone marrow butter. The Sturgeon with pickled mustard and brussels was also perfectly cooked, juicy and flaky all at once. The Jidori Hen was a classic preparation with great nuances of flavors framing a luscious bird. It seems half the L.A. restaurant industry was there last night; it was the sort of party in which you greet the other tables with a hug and conversation, or a simple smile should I get a name wrong, or seem perhaps too fangirlish. Our server was already knowledgable about the menu, which is the first 6 or so pages in a beautifully bound book followed by a French novella bulk of the total 100 pages. Heavy, ornate silverware and beautiful, vintage china set against vintage doors and art by Robert Vargas made for an overall luxurious feel, of which the prices of the small plate menu were also indicative. But for great cocktails, well-executed food in a well edited menu on the bottom floor of the Water Mark Tower - who can complain (yet)? All food, wine & cocktails were hosted in Friends & Family fashion.

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Faith & Flower 705 W. 9th Street Los Angeles, CA 90012 213.239.642