Cowboys & Turbans For Indian Street Food

Shrimp burrito

I first stumbled across Cowboys & Turbans after a show at the El Rey. I was with my girlfriend and of course, we needed up to sop up the overpriced vodka tonics in our bellies with some grub. We ended up discovering the joint immediately next door, with lit-up signage labeling it simply, “Diner” and banners adorning Cowboys & Turbans’ correct name.

Diner food it is not, Indian street food it is. Nothing like a little spice to spruce things up before diving into bed. We ended up sharing a shrimp burrito for $9 and at the time, it was worth every penny. There’s a decent amount of shrimp in the burrito (despite what the picture may depict) and they keep a variety of 3 sauces with which to drizzle your tacos or burritos. I could come back to this taco stand.

And during a lunch break at work, I sure did. I ordered the same thing since it was “safe” - and found out the lunch menu on average is $2 less per item than their late-night “show menu.” But now I’m ready for some more. Thank goodness for Twitter; I got recommendations from Abby of PleasurePalate who got to sample more of their menu. The potato samosa, fish taco and apple samosa for dessert are next on my list!!

Know in order to go:

I love KCRW! KCRW members get 10% off which provides even more incentive. Also, the storefront serves as an El Rey box office during its business hours. So if you are feeling wallet-savvy and don’t want to give Ticketbastard any more of your hard-earned money with convenience and venue charges for a show at the El Rey, stop in while you’re getting tacos and buy tickets for any show that’s upcoming.

Lunch menu (11 AM - 6 PM):

Samosas $3 Naanwich (chicken or tofu) $5.99 Chicken tikka $5.99 Masala $5.99 Tofu or spinach Masala $5.99 Tandoori quesadilla (chicken, chicken jalapeño or tofu $5.99; shrimp $6.99) Tandoori tacos (chicken or tofu $2, fish $2.50, shrimp $3) Tandoori burritos (chicken, tofu, spinach tofu, breakfast burrito $5.99, shrimp $6.99) Chips and masala (large $4, small $3) Basmati rice $2 Naan $2 Masala fries (large $4, small $3)

I want a report back on all the menu items! Enjoy. :)

Cowboys & Turbans 5515 Wilshire Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90036 323.936.6400