Closing Spa Week, Upcoming Weekend

Spa Week is coming to a close.  I hope you all booked and enjoyed (or will enjoy) your appointments.  I know Buttkicker absolutely loved her Fresh facial down at South Coast Plaza.  It’s an especially good deal because the amount you spend is also the amount you get in Fresh product–so it’s like a free facial.  Plus, Fresh is my absolute favorite beauty brand of all time.  It will come time to stock up at The Grove, their new location. My Spa Week experience was at Allure Pilates Spa on Little Santa Monica Boulevard in Beverly Hills.  As I waited for my turn at the conceirge, I saw the multi-colored markered client files behind her. The manila files leaned to one side with one client’s in clear view.  “Stewart, Kimberly,” it said. Nice to know.  Or useless, depending on who you ask. I got their Vitamin C facial.  I heart facials–they are definitely the most relaxing thing after massages, what with hot steam blowing on your face and opening your pores.  I love the pleasant fragrances of treatments the esthetician is applying, taking off and reapplying to your face.  Plus, extractions–a necessary evil–are done for you.  While the vitamin mask was on, Gabrielle performed excellent neck, hand and foot massages, and I was in heaven.  Well worth the $50 plus tip.  My face reemerged from the spa absolutely glowing. Once my physical therapy is complete for my shoulder, I’ll be sure to book an appointment for a massage. Before I wish you all a great weekend, I thought I’d share a few things I’m excited for on the upcoming.  The following are some events I’m looking forward to experiencing. Friday, April 20 @ 7pm- DaKah Hip Hop Orchestra It’s been a long time since I have seen a live orchestra perform.  And the last time I have seen a live hip hop orchestra perform?  Never.  Looking forward to it, though… “The 60 artists of DaKah cover the spectrum of musical instrumentation, encompassing violin, viola, cello, clarinet, saxophone, oboe, bassoon, flute, trombone, tuba, French horn and trumpet players; and a slew of percussionists working with a regular drum kit, congas, bells, timbales, Brazilian sticks and bass drum, desert drums from the Middle East, and even steel pans. From street MCs to DJs, concert violinists and winds to guitars and harps, DaKah comes together in a seamless whole. The result is pure white light beaming through like the waveline of a Santeria beat.”

U$C Bovard Auditorium U$C Campus The Ghetto Saturday-Sunday, April 21-22 @ 11am - 6pm - Brewery Spring Art Walk C and I had gone to a Brewery Fall Art Walk a year and a half ago, after the very first annual Tamale Festival held only a few blocks away (but now held at MacArthur Park–do not miss!!), and had a really great time.  Where else will so many artists willingly open their doors to you? It’s really interesting being able to walk in and around an artist’s working space or working and living space. Each loft is unique in its construction and enticingly flavored in the artist’s own flair. It’s intriguing to see everyone’s work in a bigger, sometimes more complete context–as in the space it was created. “See L.A.’s finest in their art studios. A twice-annual open studio weekend at the world’s largest art colony. Free admission. Free parking. Great food.”

The Brewery Art Colony 620 Moulton Avenue Los Angeles, CA 90031 Moulton @ N. Main Street Sunday, April 22 - Live taping of The Apprentice Los Angeles Season Finale at Hollywood Bowl So I know The Apprentice is lame now (Carolyn’s gone–what did you expect?) and Donald Trump has still got bionic hair plugs. I mean, it’s so over that in the long degenerative life of reality TV shows past their 5th anniversary, the entire season of this one ends up in Los Angeles of all places. I don’t think I could even name a single constestant–and if I did, it would’ve been purely because of luck. With a little bit more luck on top of that, I’m sure I could name one of the finalists, too, because supposedly there are not two, not three, but four this time around. In fact, I have no idea why I’m going, but I have tickets, and tickets are easy to get, even if it is officially “closed to the public.” Peep here for guaranteed admission and seating (because The Bowl is so small), and I’ll post the address to the Hollywood Bowl as if you didn’t know, already.

Hollywood Bowl 2301 N. Highland Avenue Hollywood, CA 90068 323-850-2000 Monday, April 23 - Sarah Silverman live at Largo I love this girl’s show.  She’s so hilarious.  Hilariously sweet, cute yet friggin’ crass as hell.  And racist.  She is awesome.  And to think that about 3 years ago, I had met her at the Coffee Bean next to my work.  I think she was still dating Jimmy Kimmel at the time.  While in line, I had bent down to pet her dog, Duck, and when she turned around and saw he stayed still for me (and he “doesn’t like anyone”) I had instantly earned points with her.  Yeah.  That’s the “Brush With a Celebrity” story of the day.  Read it and weep.  Or roll your eyes, whichever you like–because it’s already 3 years old. Time to see her live.  Dinner reservations for this Monday’s show are booked up, so we’re paying $5 admission for first-come-first-served standing room.  But if you want, peep her on May 14th with dinner reservations and be aware of the $15-per-person dinner minimum (if I end up falling in love with her Monday you’ll see me back).  They make it easy by making the entrees $15 each, of course.  The other performers on their schedule are also impressive.

Largo 432 Fairfax Avenue Los Angeles, CA 90036 323-852-1073 Have a good one.  :) Love, *e