Born To Fit These Jeans: GAP Party on Robertson

H’ors doeurves were passed, cocktails were swingin’ and only ladies were present - but no bridal showers nor birthdays were in sight. Each guest took home her own gift instead of bearing gifts to the party. Tara of TaraMetBlog is a GAP Brand Ambassador - and what that means is she gets to invite her friends to the local GAP 1969 Jeans pop-up store (which was only launched earlier this month) on Robertson Boulevard for a party, at which all who attend get a free pair of jeans. Sweet. It was the kind of party I could handle. I was in the company of fellow bloggers Maya of ShopEatSleep, Katelin of Pretty Sandy Feet, Lindsay of LAist amongst others and got to meet Stevie of LA Story. Well, of course we would need to try these aforementioned jeans on and therefore need fitting rooms! Though all kinds of finishes and fits were available, I was pretty much decided on a skinny jean. The fit I chose was (aptly) called “Always Skinny.” I went from trying on a “biker”-style jean with a diagonal seam just at the knees in front - and in a few different colors including olive green - but figured I didn’t really need GAP’s help to facilitate the edgy corner of my wardrobe. I’d been feeling attached to my black, shiny Rock & Republic jeans, complete with pointless extra straps below the hips. I was set to recognize GAP for what they’re good for - a classic, well-fitting and comfortable jean. At least that’s what I remember. When I was in grade school, I aspired to GAP. When I was in middle- and high school, I aspired to Banana Republic. That’s just the way it went in the suburban Midwest. If you think about it, GAP 1969 jeans cost as much as the coveted Guess? jeans cost back then. Granted - the dollar was worth a good deal more then than it is, now - but I think the income (or lack thereof) factor may possibly negate that. Who ever heard of $100 jeans before 10 years ago? And who ever thought in their wildest dreams denim would pass the $300 threshold when they do now on a regular basis? Not that this really applies to me, however, since I have a severe aversion to paying MSRP on clothes in general. *cough* No, really!

GAP 1969 jeans start at $59.50. I talked with a GAP representative and I could understand their price point. It’s not as if GAP expects us to abandon our fetish for overpriced denim in the least. This is just an appeal to recognize that at this price point, a person in-the-know realizes that this option is available. An affordable, comfortable and hot-looking jean is really easier to “achieve” than you realize. Between the cocktails and fried macaroni cheese bites, I found that I really enjoyed a classic dark blue finish on my skinny jean (thanks to Stevie for the opinion on fit and size!). And that was that.

And it seems like these affordable jeans are really catching on. After yoga while on Larchmont, I was telling my girlfriend about the party and a passer-by turned around and said, “The 1969 Gap jeans? You like them?” - to which I answered Yes and reemphasized their reasonable price. Good deal, indeed.

GAP 1969 Pop-up Store 108 N. Robertson Blvd. Beverly Hills, CA 90211 310.285.1880

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