Brandishing The Leaf

[]( “9rules badge”)This settles it. I’m officially a member of 9rules - and I’m super stoked about it.[]( “9rules badge”)[]( “9rules badge”)

9rules - We Share What We Know

9rules is a wonderful blogging network aggregating feeds of independent blogs with quality content. So I’m honored that you will be able to find me amongst writers, designers, developers who put out the best content on the web. You can find the blogs categorized into many different communities. Whether you want to read content specialized in the financial, automotive, design, commentary, religious or dozens of other (loosely) sorted subjects, 9rules is the place to go! They welcomed me into the Personal Blogs community in their Round 5 of submissions. Woo. I’m happy to be a part of the family. :) (If you’d like to become a part of 9rules, your next chance to apply for Round 6 is May 7th - for 24 hours. After that, they close submissions until August. Such rounds occur only 3 times per year.) Their exciting relaunch is today so definitely head on over sometime today to check what all the buzz is about. (I’ve been hitting “refresh” the past hour or so, guys.) ;) You can also try Chawlk, which is a forum where a lot of 9rules members and non-members hash out random topics, web-related and not. The people I’ve met on this network are one-of-a-kind, and I can’t speak of a better group on teh interwebz. We have thought-provoking conversation with minimal incendiary comments - this level of discourse is really hard to match. It’s a great group of people, period. :) Special thanks and congratulations goes to The Triad of 9rules (Mike, Tyme, Scrivs), who worked really hard on this relaunch. And thanks for accepting me! Muah!