Austin, Here We Come

As a result of all the road trips I’ve taken with my family back in the day, there are only 11 states in the U.S. that I’ve never physically stepped foot in. Texas is one of them. And of all the cities in Texas to visit, I hear Austin is the one to try. The Live Music Capital of the World®, they say. Sweet. I feel pretty lucky to live in a city where I can hear lots of live music acts - and the abundance of shows that I’d actually like to see here is way more than I can conscientiously demand of my wallet (yeah, I have to do that thang called ”prioritizing”). So I’ll take that live music capital title with a grain of salt, the same way I’m sure surfers are content to session outside Huntington Beach, CA, which was recently trademarked Surf City USA®. We’ll find a show in Austin to crash, somehow. We’re just happy to be along for the ride and it would be a nice perk if we can make it happen. It’s been about a year since I’ve attended one of Tim’s film premieres, and I couldn’t imagine a better scenario. Seventh Moon is premiering at the Fantastic Fest, a “science-fiction, fantasy, horror, animation, crime, Asian and all around badass cinema”-themed film festival held in Austin. Tim (my schoolmate and friend of almost 11 years) is co-starring opposite Amy Smart in the movie and together, they play newlyweds on their honeymoon in China. Of course, this is where everything goes awry during a Chinese holiday, and supernatural forces are out to work their terror on them.

The movie is brought to you by Eduardo Sánchez, who was co-creator of The Blair Witch Project movies - and Tim co-stars in Eduardo’s 3rd film, only after Blair Witch 1 and 2. Last year, Tim spent approximately 2 months shooting the movie in Hong Kong. (You can view pics from his adventures here - and there will be more after I gift a Flickr Pro renewal to his name.) The great thing is, we’re able to partake in the film’s premiere at the Fantastic Fest because Tim turned down a first class ticket to Austin so that he could also fly us - his 3 bosom buddies - along with him. They’re also putting us up at the Hyatt in downtown Austin for 4 nights. Yay. An interesting thing I was recommended was to visit the Whole Foods; supposedly, Whole Foods was started in Austin and the one there is huge - as in, 2 stories huge. Now, I rarely shop at Whole Foods for more than cheese and random specialty items (talk about markup!) but I do love a good Whole Foods food bar. Who am I kidding? I love food. So anyway, you’ll be hearing from me while I’m in Austin during the film festival. I figure if I’m visiting the city that is host to SXSW (though I have yet to visit for that occasion), I’d need an excuse not to stay connected. And if you have any recommendations on what to do, where to check out - I’d be greatly obliged. :)

Writeup: Seventh Moon at Fantastic Fest (trailer)