Apparently, Strollers Aren't Just For Babies

[]( “Pet Stroller 2”)My roommate and I left our apartment for work this morning at about the same time. Not a minute out of the gate, she calls my cell. I pick up. “Hey. I had to call you and tell you I just saw a girl walking her dog in a stroller.” “What.” “Yeah.” “I don’t believe you.” “No seriously–she has a dog in her arm, and another dog in a stroller … and she’s pushing the stroller. On Bedford.” “So no animals are actually walking on this ‘walk’.” “Right.” After a few more exchanges about the incredulity of her actually seeing said sociological experiment in person, we hung up. It was just a few days ago where she had told me she had actually came across instructions on the internet on how to walk one’s cat–in a stroller. (Heck no I’m not linking it.) She had thought for about a millisecond about the possibility of thinking about considering getting one to take Chauncey for laps around the park in, but decided that it would’ve been beyond “crazy cat lady.” This morning, I sent her only one result of a whole slew of them from Googling “pet strollers.”

Pet Stroller 1

And you know, I’m not the type to play Blame It On The Rich Kid but then you gotta ask why the dogs-as-accessories trend got popular as Paris Hilton kept finding cuter, younger tiny dogs to carry around when she got tired of the former. Thanks to an article on “why pet strollers,” I was enlightened:

[Pet strollers] seemed like a silly idea and I didn’t think they would catch on with most pet owners. As it turns out, they are trendy and popular now.

Like most people, I thought strollers were simply an indulgence. A luxury for the rich and famous. …

… There is currently a trend towards smaller pets, especially small toy dogs. Tiny dogs are quite popular. As owners will tell you, these small dogs cannot walk very far. If you want to take your little dog out for sunshine and fresh air but you feel like going for some distance, a pet stroller makes sense.

Oh, I see now. Because certainly going outside has nothing to do with exercise, it’s  about subjecting your pet to what’s trendy and popular right now.

I guess canine exercise these days is just too strenuous or simply overrated. I wonder as to when they actually do their “business,” if they’re just riding in this stroller? Is there a little bell they can ring to let you know to pull over so they can get out and relieve themselves?

I can’t help but wonder about the concept of this type of “pet care” moving towards holding out luxury and leisure as a value that we share with our pets–and I feel a little disgusted by it.

I could see, perhaps, if one had an elderly or disabled pet and really cared about brightening their day by being able to take them outside when they’d be immobile. But otherwise? What I’m astonished by is the number of Google results. That the industry is so large and there are enough retailers to fill up pages and pages. Am I missing something? Where are these people who walk their pets in strollers?

I’m telling you, I’m not judging, but I sure as hell don’t understand it.  As if people adopt cats because they can’t wait to push them around outside in a kitty cat strollers. I thought the joy of raising a kitten was first to enjoy its playful stage and well–as it’s growing up, it’s about enjoying letting it be a cat. Its own independent cat-ness. You clean its litter, don’t have to take it for walks regularly (or apparently some do in a stroller) and that’s that. It’s a cat. Accept it and appreciate this living creature for what it is, already.

Hope everyone enjoys their labor day weekend. ;)

Love, *e