Apparently, Gladiator Isn't So 8 Years Ago

[]( “Lucky Penny Gladiator”)[]( “Lucky Penny Gladiator”)[]( “Lucky Penny Gladiator”)You know what’s been killing me lately? The whole gladiator sandal trend. It has the potential to be cute, true. And every designer has their own version. (Yes, I guess that is what they would define a “trend.”) But they also have the potential to be extremely ugly. Some don’t even look half-feminine. Now don’t get me wrong, my style is definitely not the most girly-girl of all styles, but this time when I’m saying something isn’t feminine, I’m talking negative points here.

Sam Edelman Gladiator Jeffrey Campbell Gladiator Steve Madden Gladiator

Especially when it goes up the shin. I mean, I would buy these to go with my toga but all 5 of mine were obliterated when the dry cleaners burnt down. Good thing I still have my Halloween Spartan costume when “500” came out last year - so I can wear that out in the club along with a pair of gladiator sandals of my choosing.

I’m not quite understanding what tops and dresses are being worn with these. Or is it only jeans? If you pick a pair that is so quintessentially and committedly Roman, I can maybe see it brings a bit of an edge to your outfit?

Yes, it may be fierce. But by next year it just may well be “So 2008.”

I’ve seen some variations on the gladiator which, to me, just look like another T-strap. T-straps have been popular for at least the past couple springs. There are striking similarities, of course: 1) Strap across the toes and/or bridge of the foot (duh), and 2) Strap traveling up the length of the foot. Bingo!

Franco Sarto Sandal Pour le Victoire Gladiator

But they are decidedly more feminine. You know, not so over-the-top with the straps everywhere evoking bondage, begging the question, “Is your foot secure inside this sandal yet??” A plus, IMHO, leaning towards the T-strap. The only thing here may just be that the height that’s “in” right now is the flat.

So, I figure, if you pick out a variation that is at least a tad feminine, your pair may last quite a bit longer than the rest. I picked these (oh, come now - you wouldn’t think I’d completely pass this one up did you?):

Lucky Penny Gladiator

[]( “Lucky Penny Gladiator”)

Now let me qualify this one by saying that I wouldn’t have given in to these had I not found a pair that I thought reasonable and likely to last way longer than just this summer. Plus, they are super comfy and lots of fun. What’s not to like?

Crocs, on the other hand, are another matter… (seriously, are they really that comfy?)

All sandals in this post (except mine) can be found at Nordstrom.

Mine were found at Anthropologie.