Accessorize Like a Rock Star: Soffer Ari Store Launch

Soffer Ari reached a milestone by opening his own flagship store in the beginning of the month. It’s well-deserved; he’s been in the business for 13 years. I could really tell that everything in Soffer Ari’s store is not only handmade but made with the utmost care and the finest detail, the last finish. Rock is either your fashion or lifestyle and he is here to meet your demand.

Something you won’t find in his collection is grunge. It is all edge, baby - sometimes elegant and sometimes enigmatic - and I can tell you I’m seriously considering saving up a few weeks’ lunch money to have that special, knock-em-dead piece of my own. Pieces. I could use a few pieces. But I won’t.

Themes included razor blades, skulls, leafy crosses, Star of Davids, and more. But they were all exquisite. Above everything else about his pieces was the craftsmanship and detail. Everything was also of the utmost quality.

Leather work

And what kind of rock-influenced jeweler would he be without rockstar clients? Amongst them are Stephen Tyler, Tommy Lee and Robbie Williams. Celebrity clients or not, it’s all about the details and - if you can afford it - the customization. Just ask him for a couch. You’d be mistaken to not examine the leatherwork in the store. His leatherwork is just as detailed as his jewelry is ornate. I can see only the most flamin’ rockers rockin leather pants with clover shields and that’s okay. I’ll take my ring or even bracelet.

I was absolutely intrigued by his work. Because detail also includes being able to do ornate well. No piece seemed “filler” - they all seemed intent on making a statement. I love edgy so there were so many rings, bracelets and belt buckles that were up my alley. I’m just not quite ready for the razor blade around my neck quite yet. (I would enjoy admiring yours, though.)

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Soffer Ari 850 S. Robertson Blvd. Beverly Hills, CA 90035 310.849.9272

M-F 10AM - 5PM