9rules Submission Day

Want To Join?Today marks the 24-hour period you can submit your site to 9rules. There are only 3 such days per year you can do this so get on out there and make a difference. Or submit your blog, that is. ;) According to Chawlk user Elle’s impressive 9rules Case Study (and general concensus), The Triad has been pretty selective about who they’ve admitted:

  • Started: Apr 2005 with 16 blogs
  • Round 1: Apr 2005, 127 applicants, total members: 31 blogs
  • Round 2: Jul 2005, 359 applicants, total members: 46 blogs
  • Round 3: Nov 2005, 509 applicants, total members: Not sure
  • Round 4: May 2006, 700 applicants, 111 new members
  • Round 5: Oct 2006, 1190 applicants, 134 new members
  • Round 6: April 2007, Ongoing applications, Not sure

The case study cited above incorporates the past 9rules before the very-recent spin-off of Chawlk.com. While we’re on “Version 3.0” right now, Version 2.0 was ambitious in that they tried to create a community integrated with member content. Some members left as a result of not feeling the commitment to contribute to that community. Later, as the 9rules Triad have realized, ambition is best and most effective channeled and focused on one particular thing. So now, on 9rules, you will only see the aggregation of member content. While I’ve enjoyed the community of 9rules and still do, I am in full support of this separation and resulting focus on the original philosophy of 9rules. Members are what made 9rules special and this continues to ring true. :) So submit your blog and sell it to The Triad - it’s worth it to see if it makes the cut! I think it is also a great opportunity to really scrutinize and reveal how your blog can be improved.

NY Subway May of the Internets

A visual of the internet as a NY Subway Map.

Check the upper right in this subway map to see where 9r is on teh interwebz.

Credit goes to orli via Flickr.